The retail banking industry today is facing one of the most significant transformations in its history. As all aspects of our lives continue to change at the blink of an eye, it’s unrealistic to expect that banks would stay exactly the same as they were fifty, or even five, years ago.

Competition is fierce, and to succeed and attract new clients, banks have to develop new, modern approaches. It’s no secret that traditional banks are often run inefficiently and require users to go through complicated and lengthy procedures.

Neo-banks promise to deliver digitized user experience, with speed a key priority. However, they all make similar mistakes. Instead of providing one useful and intelligible product, fintech banks design tons of apps that have excessive and complicated features that no one understands - and don’t bother to figure out.

And that's just fiat-based banking services. Want to add even more complexity? How about the "alternative world" of virtual assets - everybody talks about Bitcoin these days, right?

The difficulties begin when you're ready to make your first attempt to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum. You'll soon come to realize that your bank will not provide any guidance about crypto and you'll have to learn a whole new way of keeping and managing these virtual assets by yourself. As a result, a consumer will jump from one app to another, open several accounts and in the end, lose interest, time, and thereby money.

Instead of digging deep to find the cause of issues, retail banking service providers make the same old mistakes disguised by a new design. Every day, a new app enters the market but there’s a long way to go, as only half of European consumers use internet banking as their first choice anyway.

Despite the fact that demand is rising, what we need isn’t just another service with the same features. What the world needs is the option to have someone by your side to help you navigate the thousands of offers available and find the one that is right for you.

One App for All Your Banking Needs

Some of you might’ve heard of the PSD2 regulation that opens banks up for a better customer experience. Following its passing, banking institutions, including traditional banks and neo-banks, must provide their customers' data (transaction history and balance) to licensed third parties through open APIs.

PSD2 is expected to positively transform regular banking procedures to make them more user-friendly and transparent. The directive inspired us to look for better ways to make customers feel more confident about mobile banking and increase their trust and satisfaction through personal finance.

We longed for a better answer - not another bank, not more complex features, but an app that could deliver an experience beyond banking with the most user-friendly navigation possible. The new directive opened doors for users to aggregate their accounts and link them to one platform. With OSOM ends the need to handle a large number of apps.

OSOM also ditched baffling financial terms, and instead focused on the ways to transform your banking journey into something that is actually enjoyable.

We want OSOM to become the only app users need to stay on top of their assets. We want to incorporate it all: virtual asset exchanges, wallets, bank accounts, and payments. Banking should be fast and easy to understand because better understanding is key to feeling good about your finances.

It’s Time to Get OSOM

At OSOM, user experience comes first. Our goal is to design an easy-to-navigate dashboard, where you can check all your assets, including virtual assets, bank balances, and make payments.

OSOM Wallet

If you’re not familiar with digital wallets, it can be challenging to find the right one to ensure utmost security for your virtual assets and efficient currency distribution. This is why OSOM allows you to connect all of your wallets onto one easily manageable platform. We also integrated our own wallet feature which supports payment and exchange functions.

OSOM Exchange

Whether you are a veteran virtual asset holder or just wanting to experiment, we can guarantee the best exchange rates from reliable sources at no hidden costs. OSOM allows for the connection of all your exchange accounts on one platform. This way, you don’t miss out on any happenings with your virtual assets and what they’re worth.

Later this year, OSOM will launch its own exchange. We are building a trading platform that enables the buying and selling of virtual assets to different crypto and fiat currencies. Our team is hard at work developing a simple onboarding procedure and other ways to make a virtual asset management as smooth as possible.


Fast, secure, and integrated - that’s what making payments through the OSOM app is like. Thanks to PSD2-regulated account aggregation, we will introduce an improved fiat payment system this fall.

The PSD2 directive helped enable us to develop this breakthrough platform linking all your accounts to one app. It also helped speed-up the transfer process. After money is sent out, there is no need to wait as you can check the dashboard and instantly see your payment status.

Budget analysis

We plan big. Following the creation of the virtual asset and fiat payment function, we will still go further. Our plan is to connect both virtual asset and fiat functionalities and let users better assess their assets and plan budgets. The intuitive features can help optimize expenditures, ease budgeting, and help you better gauge your finances.

Secure infrastructure

Regarding our users' safety, OSOM ensures utmost security, and continuously works on enhancing it. Our technology is up to standard with the latest regulations and policies. We always immediately implement any updates to the app to better protect your data. Our services are regulated by European regulators in Belgium and Estonia. We are subject to GDPR like any other European business go through regular internal and external audits to ensure safety.

Benefits of Using OSOM

We understand you might be a bit skeptical at first. The current retail banking landscape has unpleasantly surprised users. But we invite you to join us on our journey to a more efficient and trustworthy financial experience. It’s free to join, take a look!

We want to help you save both time and money. Instead of having to handle multiple apps, you will have everything in one place. OSOM also offers payment tracking, expenditure monitoring, digital money transfers, wallets, and virtual asset growth status updates so you don’t have to worry about doing all the math yourself. And if you have any ideas on more things you think we should add, drop us a feature idea in the support channel inside the app.

When the world is moving this fast and all aspects of our lives are transforming, it’s vital to adopt a modern financial tool, even if it isn't a bank. No more apps with all the same features - we need just one that offers it all. That’s what we deliver with OSOM. Try OSOM yourself and join us in making everyday management of finances as simple as possible.