Try typing budgeting in a search field on Google Play or App Store, and you will get hundreds of results. With the surge of fintech, companies found the perfect way to target users by incorporating the most common financial management features and delivering apps that cover basic budgeting.

The rapid success caused so many companies to enter the market. As a result, instead of solving daily financial issues, service providers cluttered users with unnecessary apps. Most of these platforms are similar to each other, and while proving to enhance one or two features, they still come up with identical services, some even ask you to enter transactions by hand 🤦. Nonetheless, a new app seems fascinating to users, yet to leave them with multiple accounts and countless platforms.

The recent changes in the European banking scene encouraged OSOM to take action. After the PSD2 ("Second Payment Services Directive"), allowing customers to share their account information (balances, transaction history) with regulated third parties who can add value, was passed, we discovered that the best way to improve the customer experience in finance is to put everything into one app. In this case, consumers don’t have to juggle numerous applications and can get more control over their money.

Let’s have a look at Google Play’s top five personal financial management apps and try to identify what we want to work even better.

How Is OSOM Different from Other Financial Management Apps?

The primary target we set for ourselves was to develop an app that could fit everything today's consumer needs while ensuring the most pleasant user experience. However, it would only be words if we didn’t prove it differently. That’s why we want to highlight our advantages comparing with other budgeting apps and help you decide whether OSOM is for you.

The top five apps on Google’s list are Mint, Qapital, Wallet, Clarity Money, and Honeydue. They have some great features like checking your credit score, taking loans, tracking spendings, optimizing your budget, and even sharing a budgeting burden while in a relationship. However, planning isn’t enough to handle money effectively.

At OSOM, we are considering what measures to take so that we wouldn’t flood users with multiple planning features. Our goal is to make administering funds and assets clearer and help users to understand how it works. Because when you can comprehend what’s happening with your finances, you can make smarter choices and thereby save or grow your money.

Despite educating our customers, we are planning on integrating necessary services to enable users to the universal banking experience. When consumers can access all the features they are looking for on one app, they don’t need to waste energy on other platforms.

How Do We See a Universal Banking Experience?

Basic features like fast payments, digital money transfers, a spending tracker, and many more are essential for a financial intelligence app. But as we said, we aspire to make OSOM more suitable for different users’ needs. That encouraged us to incorporate token exchanges and crypto-wallets.

In the last decade, cryptos have reached a broad audience and proved that alternative payment methods are possible. Currently, there are more than 1600 virtual assets with different features, yet Bitcoin holds the most substantial marker influence. Bitcoin represents 50% of the value of all the crypto assets combined.

If you’re curious about trends, then buying and selling tokens probably crossed your mind. However, many don’t even begin trading because of the complexity of token exchanges and digital wallets.

Whether they end up with several platforms or can’t find the one that suits their requests, it can cause losing money and interest in the crypto market. OSOM wants to challenge the stigma and create an exchange and wallet features that are safe, affordable, easy-to-navigate, and understand. We strive to develop a user-friendly system that would simplify daily token trades without ripping you off.

Additionally, we allow users to link their existing exchanges and wallets, so they wouldn’t have to break their heads over which accounts to keep and which ones to delete. It’s a control tower for where your assets are.

More OSOM Features

Comprehensive dashboard

When you open the app, you should be able to see everything that’s going on with your money. All information should be reachable within one button, for you not to miss any unplanned payments or money transactions.

Many users complain that because of different platforms, they lose the grip on their finances, and instead of monitoring funds, they have to manage apps. The worst thing is that it does not only waste time, but it can also cause money leaks. Thanks to the extensive OSOM dashboard, you don’t miss a thing and can be aware of all your assets.

Fast payments

And we don’t mean only fiat transfers, we mean all you need: pay with tokens or fiat with no hidden costs. Don’t limit your payment options and discover new possibilities with fast and secure money transactions.

No need for new accounts

Whenever a new service provider enters the market, it requires users to open a new account. After several profiles, you get frustrated and can’t even think about creating another one. At OSOM, we don’t ask you to open a new account. Instead, we encourage you to link the existing ones and continue managing your money. We are happy to help you find a suitable service and save or make more money, regardless of where it is. Whether you pick OSOM or another provider, you can connect it back to us, so we can help you to analyze what you need.


No, it’s not the name of a sci-fi novel, it’s a new feature that aims to improve the user experience even more. Robo-advisor is based on artificial intelligence (AI) technology, which allows us to conduct a more inclusive service. The goal of Robo-adviser is to help you with token exchanges and distribution.

As a modern user, many times, you get carried away with daily tasks and don’t have enough time to break your head over the crypto market. We understand that, and that’s why Robo-advisor should become your first-choice token assistant. This technology assists in intelligent portfolio management. Also, it’s completely digitized, which helps to eliminate human error and avoid biased advice when it comes to token trade.

Nowadays, consumers have the advantage of a vast banking services supply. As a user, you have the freedom to try different platforms and choose what meets your needs. However, with a wide range of options comes frustration and confusion. At OSOM, we strive to help you to eliminate all the trouble by delivering one app that has it all. Discover it yourself.