Like any resource - the more you look after your money, the more it grows. So what stops the average person from really understanding their month-to-month money flow?

Money comes attached with a load of psychological, social and cultural pressures that makes feeling powerful about your finances more complicated than it needs to be. On top of that, when your financial situation is spread out across a big range of products - high street bank cards, your new fintech cards, credit cards, loans, bills and overdrafts – it makes getting a good look at your big picture kind of difficult.

The single most effective thing you can do to power up your finances is be crystal clear on where they’re at. The way we think determines the way we act – and this is certainly true when it comes to our money. Too many of us avoid talking openly about our money situation – and it adds to the debt problems of hard-working, well-meaning people across the world. We’ve seen the real life benefits for all sorts of individuals when they’ve started to think about their money in a new, supercharged way.

We made OSOM because it felt like a way to connect people with the mindset that grows money, through growing your understanding of it. With our app you can quickly see all of your assets from one dashboard – you know exactly where your financial life is at because you see it all in one place.

The big idea is to declutter your money matters, and bundle all of your financial services into one easy-to-use platform.

For example, it’s wonderful to be able to take advantage of all the new fintech offerings out on the market – but having yet another bank card can just make things more complicated. OSOM bundles of all your cards and accounts into one platform – and gives you helpful insights and data on all of it. When you can see all of your money products in one place - you can see how everything flows, where you’re losing money, and where you could be saving more.

OSOM is designed to make understanding your finances easier and simpler, which is why beautiful UX and in-app design has been a priority. It has to be said that beautiful UX is about more than aesthetics. It’s about putting the customer and their needs right at the heart of every design choice, demystifying the jargon and elitism of finance, and empowering more people to have control over their financials by engaging with their money with a bit more gusto. We want our users to move on to advanced financial management skills and start upping their opportunities - because using OSOM made it easy.

The emergence of the fintech shakers like Monzo and Bitcoin and other modern offerings has given consumers the freedom of choice – but it also makes the scene even more crowded. Also, a lot of the traditional banks are starting to bundle their services and bring in some of these new services and ideas to compete – but it doesn’t go deep enough. With a high street bank you’re still locked in to the particular cluster of services that they can give you – we give you all of it in one place. The neobanks and fintech start ups have certainly forged the way in redesigning banking – but they often only redesign one aspect of your financial world, so you’re still dealing with a load of different companies all the time.

We realised we needed to help people connect the dots between their financial services, and create a link between your old traditional bank accounts and your ever-expanding collection of snazzy fintech bank cards. With OSOM bringing it all together in one place - you redesign the entire way you think about your money, so you can really take advantage of what’s out there.

OSOM isn’t a new bank, it creates a layer on top of everything. Some say that the future is fintech, but we see it as a bit more nuanced and exciting than that. We want to connect the established system with the new tech-powered services coming through. Being able to use a variety of financial services for different things with the convenience of an awesome app like OSOM bringing it all together…. that feels like the future.

When you start to bring all your bank accounts, credit and debit cards, loans, overdrafts and all the rest of it in one place, you’re immediately more in control of your money than you were before. We bundle your services together to give you financial agency. We give you insight and metric analysis so you have an understanding of your money leaks, and greater awareness of why you’re living pay check to pay check some months.

Financial self-knowledge combined with access to the money management strategies that ‘old money’ types are very familiar with is a potent recipe for healthier accounts. We get excited because we think about the wider social benefits of more people having control over their money, of being able to see their entire financial picture and realise they have more money potential than they think they do.

It’s about empowering people to save, to truly understand the money in their lives, to look directly at the flow of their finances. All our app features are designed to support this, because we love it when even our most financially-savvy customers gain a key insight or idea that changes the way they see things.

OSOM was designed to give you clarity, to help you take control of your finances, and make some big moves with your big picture. We say bring on the age of more ‘normal’ people having a deep understanding of their money in order to save more, and lose less.

Join the change, be the change! OSOM is there for everyone to benefit!