This Crypto Trading Bot Can Help You Increase Your Bitcoin Holdings

We’re pleased to share that after our 6 months trials OSOM Crypto Autopilot increased our holdings by an annualized rate of return of around 56.5%

Here at OSOM, as part of our mission to build a world-class financial management toolset, we have set out to create a truly remarkable tool to help users maximize their crypto assets. Built using the same technology behind Wall Street’s leading quant funds, OSOM’s Crypto Autopilot is an AI-powered trading algorithm that finds growth opportunities within 30+ altcoins and Bitcoin to increase your crypto holdings.

OSOM Crypto Autopilot Beat Huobi’s HB10, Bitwise10, CIX100, and CCi30

To create the best possible algorithm, we collaborated with some really smart folks from InvestSuite, who understand complex financial technology systems (a mathematician, a seasoned trader, and a banking professional). After completion, we put the algorithm through a series of tests, including a six-month period where we invested our own crypto assets to see how they performed.

We’re pleased to share that after our 6 months trials OSOM Crypto Autopilot increased our holdings by an annualized rate of return of around 56.5% — the highest percentage increase compared to some of the most well-known crypto index funds and also when compared to a passive buy and hold strategy. Over the same six-month period, the Crypto Autopilot beat all major crypto index funds — Huobi’s HB10, Bitwise10, CIX100, and CCi30.

Diversification strategy maximizes portfolio growth potential

The Autopilot is given 30+ altcoins (which are preselected and will change according to where the best value and opportunities are) and Bitcoin to trade, with no single constituent representing more than 30% of the portfolio. This method of allocation has proven to be a good choice for improving risk-adjusted returns over pure Bitcoin exposure.

The algorithm’s goal is to outperform Bitcoin through a series of quantitative portfolio management strategies.

Pay minimal fees ONLY when you see returns

We’re so confident in the Crypto Autopilot that we are only willing to collect a fee if you make a return, unlike most money managers and robo advisors who charge management or even monthly fees despite gains and losses. We only charge 10% in performance fees on gains at the end of each month (i.e. if you add 1 BTC, and you end up with 1.1 BTC, we only take 10% of the .1 BTC. Next month you start with 1.09BTC and we will only take a fee if we manage to make it grow further. ).

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The Crypto Autopilot will be an integral part of the OSOM ecosystem alongside our Exchange and Wallet, all of which fulfill our core principles of simple aggregation, curation and automation.

The Crypto Autopilot is currently in closed Beta.

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