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What is OSOM

OSOM is an innovative online tool that helps grow your crypto portfolio like no other app. You can easily manage your currency in an all-in-one app, and watch your assets grow!

If you like it and want to add more coins, simply use your credit card or a bank transfer to buy more!!

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Crypto Autopilot

The Autopilot uses artificial intelligence to turn your deposited money into a managed crypto portfolio that responds to market fluctuations.
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Beginner friendly responds to market fluctuations.

No knowledge or time investment required from you. Everything happens on autopilot (hence the name!).

Security first

Multiple, secure ways to make a deposit or withdraw your funds as either traditional money (EUR) or crypto (BTC)

Past performance beyond Compare

We launched our Crypto Autopilot in 2019 and since then, we’ve generated an over 11x ROI* (in EUR) for our users. Moreover Crypto Autopilot has outperformed a simple Bitcoin-hold strategy, making it the best crypto robo advisors out there!

Crypto autopilot vs Bitcoin buy-and-hold strategy


Still have some questions?

We’ve gathered and answered the most common questions asked by our users. If you still don’t find what you need, feel free to use the Live Chat!

How does Crypto Autopilot work?

Crypto Autopilot allocates Bitcoins to a basket of different crypto assets that match strict quality criteria (see below). Users only need to add BTC to Autopilot's balance. The system does everything else. The algorithm will track the crypto market price dynamics and act according to the preset trading strategy, aiming to avoid price drawdowns. The list of supported assets is reviewed daily.

How do I start using Crypto Autopilot?

To start using Crypto Autopilot:

Go to Portfolio;
Click the PLUS (+) button;
Select Crypto Autopilot in the list;
Read the introduction and press Start;
Agree with the risk disclaimer and terms of service;
Add your first Bitcoins;
Sit back, relax and enjoy.

Every day you will see changes to your Autopilot balance. Changes can be both positive and negative, so don't worry if one day you see the Autopilot underperforming. So far our tests demonstrate that in the long run, Crypto Autopilot outplays all its competitors. Read more about our benchmarks and performance data here.

Please read the risk notice before using Crypto Autopilot (note that this article is not investment advice).

Where can I see my Crypto Autopilot basket?

Your basket will be published as a Monthly Statement at the end of every month since the first month of using the Autopilot. We do not reveal 100% of the assets that Autopilot keeps in the basket to avoid reverse-engineering of the quant strategy, yet the statement will reflect the major basket holdings. You can download your statement from the Autopilot page in the OSOM app, in the Statements section. If you do not see any statements, it means that none have been created for you so far, which usually means that you have not used the Autopilot long enough (i.e. 30 days).

Please read the risk notice before using Crypto Autopilot (note that this article is not investment advice).

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