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What is DeFi Earn?

In short, it is an aggregator of centralised and DeFi lending platforms. We convert your EUR deposit into multiple stablecoins, and allocate them across several platforms to earn you interest from the crypto market.

Periodically, we rebalance your funds between stablecoins and cryptocurrency exchange platforms, aiming to maximize the performance of your portfolio of digital currencies.

Sounds complicated? Well, it is. But you don't need to worry about how it is making money as all the complexity of your crypto investment is handled by us, a team of experts with many years of experience on the cryptocurrency market.

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DeFi Earn vs. traditional investing

DeFi Earn

Low-to-Medium volatility & risk

Governed by smart-contracts to minimise risks

Expected annual interest rate: 6-8%

True passive income

The easiest it can get

We spend hundreds of hours sifting through market data so that you'd only need to spend minutes

Governed by crypto community

A combined effort of thousands of developers, mathematicians and retail investors

Savings Account

Low volatility & risk

Avoids risks by sacrificing profits

Expected annual interest rate: 0.01 - 0.1%

Passive non-income

Usually not too complex

Just a visit or two to your local bank branch, maybe a call with a banker, then a followup credit card call, and a UI built in the XX century

Governed by banks

Because we all know you can trust the banks

ETF Investing

Medium-to-High volatility & risk

A bit less risky than casino (remember COVID?)

Expected annual interest rate: 4-6%

Passive stress booster

Almost rocket science

Open positions, trading strategy, margin accounts, order execution, trading fees, hundreds of assets and constant media noise

Governed by regulators

Helicopter money everywhere

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Join the OSOM family of 6,000+ crypto investors.

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What it Takes to be a Part
of the DeFi Revolution

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is taking the cryptocurrency space by storm. It is a new arena where financial freedom can be explored, and realized, and a technological wave that a lot of people are trying to jump on. Explore our articles and blogs below to get yourself off to a good start in the world of DeFi investing.


Still have some questions about DeFi?

We’ve gathered and answered the most common questions asked by our users. If you still don’t find what you need, feel free to use the Live Chat!

Can you lose money in DeFi?

As with any form of investing, and especially cryptocurrency investing, there is a chance for a person to lose money. DeFi is no different. Users put money hoping it grows beyond its initial value, but this is not guaranteed. There are also concerns around smart contract bugs, developer oversight, flash loan attacks, rug pulls and scammers that can leave investors with huge losses. However, like with all investing, it is about weighing risks and rewards and making smart choices. DeFi Earn is run by crypto market experts, so a lot of those risks are already mitigated. It's much easier for new investors to start investing in crypto with an app like this.

How do I make passive income with DeFi?

One of the most straightforward ways to make a passive income with DeFi is to deposit your cryptocurrency onto a platform or protocol that will pay you an APY (annual percentage yield) for it. This will be familiar to people who deposit money in a bank account and earn interest, but traditional interest rates on fiat currency deposits are dwindling, nearing zero, and sometimes even negative. In DeFi, the interest rates are substantially higher.

How to invest in DeFi?

DeFi is a broad topic, and there are several ways to invest in it. The simplest investment strategy, which provides only general exposure to DeFi, is to buy a coin popular in the DeFi space, with good trading volume, then find a trading platform or protocol where you can stake said coin. You can do it on most exchanges and usually with very low fees. This will lead to you gaining relatively high interest in the form of APY. The interest rate paid on your deposit can be either a fixed amount or variable and change with the market.

What is the point of decentralized finance?

DeFi’s rapid boom has many asking what is its purpose. As with crypto, DeFi is an alternative financial product, or service. Decentralized finance uses cryptocurrency to offer financial services without the need of centralized platforms, like banks. Crypto trading, lending, loaning, staking and other services can be done through blockchain protocols without the inefficiencies and costs of third-party financial service providers and traditional asset classes.

Why do we need DeFi?

Cryptocurrencies, and their decentralized operations have shown the world that there is a way to escape the monopoly of fiat currencies that are bank and state controlled. When it comes to DeFi, this is the next step in obtaining true financial freedom separate from these centralised services. DeFi is to crypto what loans are to the US dollar. It is a financial service that makes use of a currency in order to make that currency more applicable and relevant. We need DeFi to make crypto more relevant and usable, and we need crypto to escape financial monopolies and control.

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