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What is DeFi Earn?

In short, it is an aggregator of centralised and DeFi lending platforms. We convert your EUR deposit into multiple stablecoins, and allocate them across several platforms to earn you interest.

Periodically, we rebalance your funds between stablecoins and platforms, aiming to maximize the performance of your portfolio.

Sounds complicated? Well, it is. But you don't need to worry as all the complexity is handled by us.

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DeFi Earn vs. traditional investing

DeFi earn

Low-to-Medium volatility & riskGoverned by smart-contracts to minimise risks
Expected annual interest rate: 6-8%True passive income
The easiest it can getWe spend hundreds of hours so that you'd only need to spend minutes
Governed by crypto communityA combined effort of thousands of developers, mathematicians and retail investors

Savings Account

Low volatility & riskAvoids risks by sacrificing profits
Expected annual interest rate: 0.01 - 0.1%Passive non-income
Usually not too complexJust a visit or two to your local bank branch, maybe a call with a banker, then a followup credit card call, and a UI built in the XX century
Governed by banksBecause we all know you can trust the banks

ETF Investing

Medium-to-High volatility & riskA bit less risky than casino (remember COVID?)
Expected annual interest rate: 4-6%Passive stress booster
Almost rocket scienceOpen positions, margin accounts, order execution, trading hours, hundreds of assets and constant media noise
Governed by regulatorsHelicopter money everywhere
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Join the OSOM family of 6,000+ crypto investors.

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Focused on the user experience, both the interface and the menus and the operations of the APP are very intitive...

Miguel Angel Sepùlveda

Trustpilot Jul 17, 2020

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