It’s time to rethink how we think about money

Like any resource - the more you look after your money, the more it grows. So what stops the average person from really understanding their month-to-month money flow?

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One OSOM Wallet for All Your Wallets

OSOM was born to solve the issues a virtual asset holder faces. Private key management, diversified accounts, ease of use and transparent pricing.

Save Time and Money With OSOM Exchange

There are plenty of good and cheap options out there for exchanging crypto to crypto, but you still can’t pay your taxes in crypto, most shops don’t accept it, and you probably get your salary in Euros. We saw an opportunity to improve EUR to Crypto and back to EUR conversion in the spirit of making it accessible to everyone.

If you like it all in one, OSOM is the best!

Excellent for beginners, good for diversified hodlers, handy for traders.

Are Neo-Banks Enough for Today’s Users?

Neo-banks leave users with the same features and multiple apps. OSOM seeks to empower open banking and develop an app that enables a better banking experience.

How Can OSOM Improve Consumer Banking while Not Changing Anything?

PSD2 will enable OSOM to aggregate multiple bank accounts into one app. OSOM also seeks to connect virtual asset exchanges and wallets, and improve users’ banking experience.

Why better banking does not need new banks

PSD2 is accelerating changes in the traditional banking sector, and paving the way for open and mobile banking. What are the challenges traditional banking is facing?

Is Open Banking the Future of the Financial Industry?

PSD2 directive is leading the way for open banking. How is mobile and open banking transforming the traditional financial industry?

What is Crippling the Whole Financial Industry?

PSD2 paves the way to open banking. While fintech companies adopt new policies, traditional banking struggles to innovate with new consumer use cases, and thereby, it might hold the industry back. One solution is banking as a service

How Is UX Changing the Way Millennials Manage Their Finances?

Studies about millennial attitudes to seeking financial advice indicated that almost 50% of respondents consult their parents about financial decisions

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