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Why we created Crypto autopilot for you

Smart diversification
Our algorithm finds growth opportunities in real-time in the crypto market and makes trades that increase your asset value.
Completely hands-off
No need to manage, trade, or read up on finance & crypto news daily. Our committee keeps an eye on the market and adapts for you.
Secure and regulated
We are an authorised virtual asset wallet and exchange service provider with the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit.
We hate hidden fees
No entry fees. No exit fees. No management fees. A simple 10% commission from the BTC profit you earn.
Full flexibility
Start for free! Within just a few minutes, you’ll be ready to go. You can add or withdraw funds anytime.
Minimal drawdowns
OSOM Crypto Autopilot was built to minimize drawdowns and performs better than market indexes, especially in a bear market.

How does Crypto Autopilot work?

Every day, our committee, composed of experts from Investsuite and OSOM, assesses the most promising crypto assets and then defines the Autopilot’s investment universe.

Based on this pre-selected list of over 30 different crypto assets, our algorithm will allocate positions. No single position is allowed to represent more than 30% of the portfolio. This allocation aims to improve the risk-adjusted returns with reduced volatility.

The assets are selected according to quality, market cap, as well as trading volume. Our trading universe does not include dubious projects, stablecoins, synthetics or tokenized assets of gold or real estate. We tap into the potential of genuine crypto projects - nothing else.
Our autopilot performance
Since the launch of Crypto Autopilot on September 26th, 2019 we have achieved significant returns. Very often our curated basket of Crypto Assets even outperformed Bitcoin.*
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Who is behind OSOM Crypto Autopilot?

It all began with the vision to build currency-agnostic ecosystems to help you to manage your assets in an easy, transparent, safe, and convenient way. Making money is hard enough. Managing it shouldn’t be. That’s why we’re here to help.

We collaborated with the brightest minds in the fields of mathematics, finance, and technology, including InvestSuite, who applied a state-of-the-art trading algorithm from the world of stock trading to crypto. 

This is only the beginning - there is much more to come!
Ready to diversify with crypto?