OSOM is the only soon-to-be released App which will manage all your European bank accounts and token assets in one place. We’re not setting up a new bank, we are here to make managing money better for you!

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Your all in one finance solution

With OSOM you will have power to create your own money magic built on the latest technology to the highest safety and regulations standards. We are building a simple, intuitive and fun to use personal finance application, and best of all, free to use!

We have an ambition to build one of the most trusted services, therefore we are committed to obtaining all relevant licences for the scope of offered functionalities.

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One move and… DONE!

We are building the easiest way to move your money between your accounts and pay anyone you need. How OSOM is that?

Pay your way

All payments shall take place in one centralised place, all accounts shall be seen in single view. Nothing shall go uncontrolled.

Instant transactions

Money must travel at the blink of an eye. When you need it, where you need it, the way you need it.


so you can see all your money and token assets from one easy to manage page. With the ability to filter by currency, bank, wallet or exchange and understand it all.


Whether it be money or token, you will make fast and simple payments from any of your accounts to anyone out there.


No need to open any new accounts – You will simply link the ones you already have!

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Besides from the features available at launch,
in the next phase you’ll be able to:

Set budgets, create groups and track your spending to meet any of your financial goals

Use your OSOM card to pay from any of your accounts without the need of opening ‘another’ account

Receive financial advice using the latest in AI to help you save and grow your assets

Delete your other apps. We’re about to bring all of their powers together. Finally, you will see what you’ve got from the one place. OSOM!

OSOM not meant to be a bank, it’s an app that is meant to make banking work better. We will help you manage your money, while you keep it safe in their usual place.

We’re building what we believe is the best platform out there so you don’t have to worry about all your accounts and can take control of finances with one simple to use App. We will never stop testing and developing OSOM, enhancing the currently planned features and building the thing you will ever need so you love it as much as we do.

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