Why join OSOM's crypto affiliate program?

Unlimited Passive Income

For 1 year, earn 20% of our monthly commission by inviting your audience to join and deposit in the OSOM Autopilot.

Unlimited Passive Income

For 1 year, earn 20% of our monthly commission by inviting your audience to join and deposit in the OSOM Autopilot.

Convenient Payments

Get compensated in BTC in your OSOM wallet every month, which you can also withdraw into Euros at any time.

Progress Tracking

You can track your progress and the total return on your efforts with our live affiliate program dashboard.

Exclusive Content

Get creative promotional materials for your audience that are regularly updated for affiliate program partners.

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Crypto Autopilot

The Autopilot uses artificial intelligence to turn your deposited money into a managed crypto portfolio that responds to market fluctuations.
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Beginner friendly responds to market fluctuations.

No knowledge or time investment required from you. Everything happens on autopilot (hence the name!).

Security first

Multiple, secure ways to make a deposit or withdraw your funds as either traditional money (EUR) or crypto (BTC)

How to start earning with OSOM crypto affiliate program?


Sign up as an OSOM user to earn passive income like so many of our current affiliates


Still have some questions about Affiliate Program?

We’ve gathered and answered the most common questions asked by our users. If you still don’t find what you need, feel free to use the Live Chat!

What is the OSOM Crypto Affiliate Program?

The OSOM affiliate program lets you share a unique link with your community to enable people to register and start investing in the OSOM Autopilot. If anyone clicks the link and signs up, they will be automatically registered as your referral. They will only need to add BTC to their Autopilot balance for you to start to earn from the profits they get. You will receive affiliate commission every month, for one year, from their crypto portfolio's performance.

How do I become an affiliate?

It's a piece of cake! To join OSOM affiliate program, all you have to do is sign up for an OSOM account and begin sharing your unique referral link with your audience.

Who can become an affiliate partner?

Everyone who has access to an OSOM account can become an affiliate partner. In addition, we are encouraging YouTubers, crypto community leaders, journalists, affiliate marketers, and other content creators to sign up so they can share with their audience.

What does it cost to join an affiliate program?

It is entirely free to join our affiliate program as a partner. Once you create an account with OSOM, you will automatically be provided with an affiliate link.

How can I attract referrals?

Share your unique affiliate link far and wide with your audience, and it will take them to the dedicated page on our website.

How can I earn with this affiliate program?

When your referrals earn, so do you! We payout our affiliates a 20% of the commission that OSOM earns from the profit derived from individuals' investments. Compensation is given in Bitcoin, much like those who participate in other Bitcoin affiliate programs. For example: If you invited 3 friends and their profit was 0.83 BTC at the end of the month through the crypto autopilot, you will get 20% of the fee we charge our users (OSOM fee is 10%), which can be 0.0166 BTC.

How long can I make money with this crypto affiliate program?

For the following 1 year, you receive a regular monthly payment of the profit share when your referral deposits crypto autopilot.

When can I get my affiliate fees?

Amounts earned through the crypto affiliate program will be credited to your OSOM wallet after the individuals you referred get their first monthly profits from the deposits made in the Crypto Autopilot. You have the option of transferring your earnings to your bank account at any time.

How do my referrals get profit?

Crypto Autopilot uses artificial intelligence to turn your deposited euros into a managed crypto portfolio that responds to market fluctuations. No knowledge or time investment is required from your referrals. Everything happens automatically.

Where can I track my affilite earnings?

You may see your crypto affiliate profits on your profile's customized dashboard. You may also follow the success of your referrals in your affiliate program dashboard.

How many people can I refer to OSOM affiliate program?

There are no restrictions on how many people onboard through your unique affiliate link. The more people you recommend to the OSOM affiliate program, the more money you'll be able to make.

What happens if a user I invited, forgot to register with my affiliate link?

OSOM affiliate program offers affiliate codes for these types of situations, so the person you recommended may enter your unique affiliate code after completing the signup process on our site. Please contact us if you want further assistance and technical support in resolving situations involving an affiliate program.

I want to share my affiliate links with a larger audience. Can I get any promotional materials?

Your affiliate program dashboard will have links to download unique materials created specifically for our affiliate partners.

What is OSOM referral program?

In addition to the affiliate program, OSOM offers a referral program. This program is separate from the affiliate program and suggests also a one-time reward once your referred customers deposit in the OSOM crypto autopilot. If you're interested in participating in the referral programs, you can find out more information in our mobile app's referral program section.

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