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What is the Crypto Autopilot?

The Autopilot uses a proprietary algorithm to turn your deposited money into a managed crypto portfolio that responds to market fluctuations.

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Historical results beyond compare

We launched our Crypto Autopilot in 2019 and since then, we’ve generated an over 7x ROI* (in EUR) for our users. Moreover Crypto Autopilot has outperformed a simple Bitcoin-hold strategy!

Crypto autopilot vs Bitcoin buy-and-hold strategy

Autopilot vs. Traditional investing

Crypto Autopilot

Medium-to-High volatility & risk

Governed by state-of-the-art algorithm to minimise risks

Expected annual interest rate: 15-20% in BTC*

True passive income

As easy as it can get

We spend hundreds of hours so that you'd only need to spend minutes

Governed by crypto community

A combined effort of thousands of developers, mathematicians and retail investors

Equity portfolios Investing

Medium-to-High volatility & risk

A bit less risky than casino

Expected annual interest rate: 4-6% in EUR

Passive stress booster

Almost rocket science

Open positions, day-by-day monitoring, read every row on bloomberg

Governed by regulators

Helicopter money everywhere


Still have some questions about Autopilot?

We’ve answered the most common questions asked by our users. If you can't find the info you need, ask us in the Live Chat!

What is quantitative portfolio construction?

Quant or quantitative trading is extracting actionable meaning from vast quantities of market data. Likewise, quantitative portfolio construction relies on mathematical modeling to diversify your crypto portfolio so that each asset's advantages are weighted with their risks, and so is their combined performance.

What is the difference between passive strategies and active strategies?

An active strategy requires constant engagement. This involves quick and frequent trades in order to take advantage of price fluctuations on the market. On the other hand, passive strategy involves holding onto an asset for a long period of time, only to sell it when a certain Return-on-Investment (RoI) or time threshold is reached.

What are the low fee crypto funds?

There are no such things as low-fee funds for Crypto. But there are some passively managed funds that track a couple of assets that can be purchased through your regular stock-broker.

Can you make money with crypto arbitrage?

Crypto arbitrage is making money from the price differences of crypto assets on different exchanges. For instance, kimchi premium is the often-large difference on South Korean exchanges compared to other exchanges. Therefore, one could theoretically buy Bitcoin on a Western exchange and sell it for a nice profit on the South Korean exchange, where its price is much higher. However, due to massive regulatory obstacles to overcome, this is exceedingly difficult to achieve. Moreover, even on exchanges within the same region, such price differences only exist for a few seconds, making the use of automation to catch price spreads a necessity. These tools often come with a monthly subscription, such as Coygo Terminal, ArbiTool, or Coinigy. Since the spreads are small, and the competition fierce, the capital you need to put to work to achieve any meaningful results is often beyond the reach of retail investors.

Are there cryptocurrency funds and where to buy them?

Crypto funds present an opportunity to invest in cryptocurrencies without actually holding them. This makes it easier to avoid the fuss and security issues about crypto wallets and cold storage. Such funds are called exchange traded products - ETPs.You can usually find them from your broker's interface if you are allowed to trade "exotic" products.

Are there any good crypto trading signal providers?

Most people follow the line of least resistance. In the trading world, this means following experts who have already absorbed dozens of books on finances and have a track record to demonstrate their success. As an extra bonus, they can provide signals for investors who don't have that kind of time or energy at disposal. But if there was a way to get rich quick with signals, it's likely people would know, so proceed with caution.

Are there robo-advisors for crypto?

Not many. A lot of exchanges will try to sell you indices, which is far from ideal. One of the best performing robo-advisors for crypto is OSOM Crypto Autopilot because it bases its weighing of risks and returns on market data rather than on a fund manager's feelings. Furthermore, it uses cutting-edge, 4th generation algorithms to filter and make sense of the crypto market to build a portfolio that strives for monotonous growth.

Automate Your Crypto Portfolio
With OSOM Autopilot

From online questionnaires to AI financial helpers, we’ve come a long way to make expert financial services available to everyone. The sheer volume of crypto assets makes constructing a crypto portfolio particularly daunting. Learn how OSOM’s Crypto Autopilot makes investing easier.

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12 min

Insights: How Does the Crypto Autopilot Work?

Out of thousands of crypto assets on the market, Crypto Autopilot manages the cream of the crop. Its tried-and-tested algorithm then selects assets to create a portfolio that strives for monotonous growth.

June 18, 2020

18 min

Top 4 Crypto Trading Bots Compared by Ease of Use

No human can absorb and interpret the amount of data involved in technical analysis, especially in a short time span necessary to make a trading decision. However, even crypto trading bots need to be properly understood and set up to get the most out of them.

June 29, 2020