An alternative to private wealth managers and crypto trading bots

Do you want to start investing? Are you unsure about how you want to approach it and what to use on your journey? Or, perhaps you have other questions about automated trading and investing. Whatever the case may be, we are here to help. Below you'll find a comprehensive guide to help you think about what solution might suit you best and why.

What are crypto bots?

They are rule-based systems that automate the cryptocurrency trading process. There are many flavors of crypto trading bots on the market and they can be beneficial to professional and inexperienced investors alike.

What is the purpose of a crypto bot?

The purpose of trading bots is to buy and sell set cryptocurrencies when specific conditions are met. This could be anything from a specified digital asset reaching a specified price point to Elon Musk tweeting something about DOGE. Cryptocurrency trading bots come with a whole array of advantages over personal trading.

What are the benefits of using a crypto bot?

A crypto trading bot can scour multiple crypto exchanges at the same time, in a blink of an eye. They are ever-vigilant, requiring zero sleep. And, of course, they never react emotionally. Trading bots do still need an enormous amount of user input to start, as they require careful configuration, but when set up properly, they can execute specified crypto trading strategies with minimal supervision.

What are private wealth managers?

Private wealth manager meanwhile is a much broader term. It refers to services available to the ultra-rich that helps in creating and sustaining a tailored portfolio of investments. Private wealth managers consider many factors:

  • risk tolerance
  • available assets
  • the plans
  • goals of the clients

As crypto is a very young asset class that most traditional institutions don’t know how to handle, some private crypto wealth managers have started operating to cater to those with very large portfolios, offering managed baskets of different, carefully selected crypto assets.

Crypto Autopilot combines the best of both worlds

Crypto Autopilot is an algorithm that employs a preset portfolio construction and trading strategy to target specified cryptos, aiming to increase the value of your crypto portfolio, while avoiding price drawdowns.

Makes Trades

The autopilot uses advanced quantitative strategies to analyse the long term dynamics. It buys long-term promising assets and seeks to avoid negative price fluctuations. Unlike most trading bot, you only pay for performance and have 0 maintenance to do.

Manages a Portfolio

Crypto Autopilot allocates Bitcoins to a basket of different crypto assets. The list of supported cryptos is reviewed each day. All available assets have passed our strict quality criteria. Unlike Private Crypto Wealth Managers, you don’t need € 50’000 to have the world’s best portfolio and can start from €100.

Crypto Autopilot

Let’s get start with Crypto Autopilot

Crypto trading bots compared

Ease Of Use
Trading Experience Required
Monitoring And Managementautomaticsemi-automaticsemi-automaticsemi-automaticsemi-automaticsemi-automaticsemi-automatic
Performance Historyfullfullfullpartialfullpartiallimited
Head Office InEstoniaEstoniaNetherlandsUKUSArmeniaSingapore
Trustpilot Rating4.
Affiliate Program Available

Private wealth management systems compared

FeatureOSOMBitcoin SuisseCoinhouseSwissBorg
Ease Of Use
Portfolio Managed Byrobot yourselfhumanpre-set rules
Portfolio Historical Track AvailableN/A
Yearly Access FeesNo, but minimum 100'000 CHF to open an accountPremium requires min €50'000 investment and costs €468 a year
Operating Out OfEstoniaSwitzerlandFranceEstonia
Trustpilot Rating4.
Affiliate Program Available

The Crypto Autopilot makes investing in a well-diversified portfolio of digital assets easy and accessible to everyone

You don’t need any prior knowledge or experience. You also don’t need extreme capital to start.

Our service combines the best aspects of trading and investing into a single package. And we’re constantly creating additional features, like DeFi Earn, or our affiliate program. All with your safety and satisfaction in mind.

So start investing with the Crypto Autopilot

Build a diversified portfolio of crypto assets, and, by diversifying, better secure your future financial independence with us! Join our family of thousands of satisfied users today.