Now is the time.
0,3% commission

A lot of people have decided to try something new during the lockdowns. We want to help you try crypto! Free deposits, free withdrawals and the lowest commission out there (we will keep the 0,3% flat fee until the end of the lockdown in Estonia)

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Easy, cheap, unlimited

Mobile phone

with OSOM, you can keep your current accounts & manage them from one place in a safe environment. Be in control with all the tools you are used to and some you always wanted. Send, Receive, Convert & Analyse your assets.

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Wallet, Exchange, Portfolio - all in one

Free portfolio tracker

Unlimited connections & customizable

Know where your wealth is
Filter to customize your views
Unlimited addresses & Exchanges connections
Current account integration is coming soon!
Know where your wealth is

Cheap & Safe Exchange & Wallet

The easiest way to add crypto to your portfolio

Buy and sell Bitcoins and Ethereum for Euro
Best prices, no hidden fees - today it is 0.3% flat, so you can give crypto a try during a lockdown
Regulated in Europe
Private keys safely held with specialized cloud provider
Buy and sell Bitcoins and Ethereum for Euro


New features we are working on

Tailored analytics across all asset
Automated quant strategies to optimize your crypto portfolio
Crypto lending so your crypto can grow
Tailored analytics across all asset

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Get OSOM Beta now

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