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Crypto Autopilot

The Autopilot uses artificial intelligence to turn your deposited money into a managed crypto portfolio that responds to market fluctuations.
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Beginner friendly responds to market fluctuations.

No knowledge or time investment required from you. Everything happens on autopilot (hence the name!).

Security first

Multiple, secure ways to make a deposit or withdraw your funds as either traditional money (EUR) or crypto (BTC)

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Historical results beyond compare

We launched our Crypto Autopilot in 2019 and since then, we’ve generated an over 7x ROI (in EUR) for our users. How?

Always optimizing

Every day, the Autopilot picks crypto assets that have a high

market cap
and high


The algorithm ignores low-quality crypto assets. Only serious opportunities are considered.

Total assets

  • BNB: 30%
  • LTC: 19%
  • CAKE: 19%
  • BTC: 11%
  • MKR: 9%
  • Other: 12%

Transparency & Control

  • You get access to all OSOM app’s features for free (no subscription).
  • We charge a monthly performance fee — it’s 10% the profit made via the app.
  • If the Autopilot doesn’t produce positive results in a given month, you don’t get charged any fees for your crypto investments.
  • Switch between high risk (high return) Autopilot and lower risk (lower return) DeFi Earn asset allocation options within an hour.
  • Convert Autopilot to Bitcoin and sell Bitcoin for EUR, in minutes.
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DeFi Earn

Become part of the world of
decentralized finance
and start earning with stablecoins.


Your traditional money (EUR) gets turned into stablecoins and distributed across multiple

DeFi Lending platforms

APY (Annual Percentage Yield)
: around 6-8% (subject to systemic and volatility risks).

Recognized by authorities.
Secured by hackers. Trusted by users.

We put our user’s security and happiness first.

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Still have some questions about OSOM?

We’ve gathered and answered the most common questions about our crypto asset management platform asked by our users. If you still don’t find what you need, feel free to use the Live Chat!

What is Crypto Autopilot?

Crypto Autopilot is an algorithm that manages a basket of crypto assets denominated in bitcoin. It uses advanced quant trading strategies to analyse price dynamics on the broad crypto asset market, buy promising assets and avoid negative price fluctuations. Autopilot works only with Bitcoin (BTC) with the main goal to keep and grow its Bitcoin digital currency value. Anyone can put their bitcoins on autopilot by using osom.finance, via the web, Android or iOS apps.

How can I deposit on OSOM?

You can send money via SEPA or Swift, debit or credit card, BTC

What are the Crypto Autopilot fees?

Crypto Autopilot fees are kept down to an absolute minimum and include (1) monthly performance fee and (2) operational cost. Performance fee: A monthly fee of 10% of your BTC performance is deducted from profits made within every 30-day period or, upon exit, for the period since the last fee has been calculated.Operational costs: fees paid to third-party providers to facilitate transactions such as network and trading fees:

  1. The crypto markets on which we manage the basket of crypto assets charge us for every trade and transaction. When you withdraw your funds from the Autopilot investments, we need to sell all altcoins accounting for the selected withdrawal amount, and then withdraw BTC to your OSOM crypto wallet;
  2. Network fees are paid to Blockchain networks to process and validate transactions. The network fee will be deducted from BTC sent to user’s OSOM crypto wallet.

What are the risks of using OSOM app?

Terms and Conditions is the best place to find the exact information on the risks associated with using an AI crypto wealth manager. But here are the highlights & how we mitigate those risks.

There are different types of Risks when using OSOM wealth manager

  • Financial Risks: Cryptos are volatile. Please read our risk notice.
  • Counterparty Risks: as any custodian or exchange, we could get hacked.
  • Your risks: if someone steals your credentials & impersonates you, they could steal all of your money.

How do we mitigate those risks?
  • Financial risks: our products are built to mitigate the risks on crypto assets as much as possible: our Autopilot manages for downward volatility, DeFi earn diversifies stablecoins & lending pools.
  • Counterparty risk: We are regulated in Estonia and undergo very frequent penetration testing exercise (and we publish the findings) and we have ongoing bug bounties so hackers can get money for telling us the weaknesses they find.
  • Your risk: We identify you so we can be sure who we are talking to. We have the option of using Google Second Factor Authentication so you can add as much security to your account as possible.