5 Unique Gift Ideas for Crypto Lovers

Do you know a crypto lover? Here are 5 great gift ideas.

There’s nothing more gratifying than making someone happy by presenting them with the best gift ever. And these days, it’s a piece of cake - all you need is a little research and perhaps a bit of creativity.

And with just a short search, I am sure it’s become evident that the hottest thing on the tip of everyone’s tongue these days is crypto! So let’s get right down to it and look at the best crypto gifts you can give to your favorite diehard HODL or completely crypto-clueless friend to propel them into the future of finance. The perfect gift for crypto lovers and newbies alike is out there.

  • Bitcoin or altcoins
  • Crypto Posters
  • Crypto Audiobooks
  • Crypto T-shirts
  • Crypto Stickers

1. Bitcoin

First things first - there’s nothing better than bitcoin as a gift. Everyone on the planet should own a piece of Bitcoin - even if it’s only a few satoshis worth! So the first gift idea to consider is bitcoin. You can buy as little as 1 EUR worth of a BTC - or 1 billion EUR worth - the choice is yours. Just keep in mind that the smallest amount you can hold is a satoshi - which is the equivalent of $0.00003. A satoshi is the smallest unit of a bitcoin - 1 Bitcoin is divisible by 100 million satoshis.

And now it's easier than ever to gift Bitcoin. There are many options out there to do so, but with OSOM.finance, you can easily purchase and give the gift of Bitcoin directly in an easy-to-use app with a credit or debit card, or even through a SEPA transfer from your bank account in just a few steps.


  1. Visit OSOM's gift page

  2. Pass the Identity Verification

  3. Buy and gift the BTC

Your lucky recipient can either HODL the BTC or deposit it into the Crypto Autopilot for a chance to maximize their BTC!

2. Crypto Posters

As the hype of crypto continues to grow, many artists are taking note and creating some really cool art for crypto lovers and admirers alike. Expressing their ideas via various mediums such as computer program art, VR, paintings and more, relatively unknown artists have been making a name for themselves. They attract fans from the crypto world who are willing to pay up to several millions for their artwork. Meanwhile others are simply creating iconic posters that signify the cultural shift taking place as a result of the rise of cryptocurrencies. Check out this selection of crypto posters that could make a fantastic gift for anyone.

3. Crypto Audiobook

Books are cool, but audiobooks are sometimes the best gift for the friend who is always on the go. You can listen to audiobooks in the car, while cooking or during a run to amplify your experience by learning something useful! To familiarize anyone with the wonderful world of cryptocurrency, give the gift of an audiobook! Check out this audiobook version of the book The Bitcoin Standard by Saifedean Ammous. It’s guaranteed to get just about anyone up to speed on the technology and industry.

4. Crypto T-shirts

Every crypto fan needs a t-shirt to express their devotion to their favorite altcoins! You don’t need to get fancy - cotton Bitcoin shirts are just right. There are fun crypto t-shirts, for example those featuring the iconic dog of Dogecoin - but there are also more artistic ones featuring popular altcoin symbols in spray paint - check out these cool t-shirts by Satoshi Gear and pick one up for yourself too while you’re at it!

5. Crypto Stickers

Want to give the gift of crypto but not quite ready to make the plunge of giving real crypto? Crypto stickers are also a great way of giving your friend the perfect introduction to the world of crypto. Whether they’re a blockchain and crypto fanatic or just a normal laptop user, let them deck out their tech, water bottle, skateboard or anything else with these supercool crypto stickers. They’re also the perfect complement to the real thing ;). Who doesn’t want this awesome Bitcoin riding a rollercoaster.

So whatever you give, happy gift-giving! Because life is indeed a boomerang and as Winston Churchill once said, "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."