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DateMarch 07, 2022
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Mathieu Hardy
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Do you know a crypto lover? Do you want to show them your appreciation in a unique way? Here are some great gift ideas for a crypto enthusiast.

There’s nothing more gratifying than making someone happy by presenting them with the best gift ever. And these days, it’s a piece of cake - all you need is a little research and perhaps a bit of creativity.

And with just a short search, I am sure it’s become evident that the hottest thing on the tip of everyone’s tongue these days is crypto! So let’s get right down to it and look at the best crypto gifts you can give to your favorite diehard HODLer, crypto trader, or investor.

Or perhaps you have a completely crypto-clueless friend and you wish to propel them into the future of finance. The perfect gifts for crypto lovers and newbies alike are out there.

So, what will you be gifting them this year? Will it be something typical and boring, like pajamas or a gift card, or something different and creative? Read our guide below for some of the best unique gift ideas straight out of the crypto space.

3 bitcoin physical coins in gold
1. Bitcoin

1. Bitcoin

What's better than a gift that keeps on giving? Bitcoin is one of the best gifts you can give not only to a seasoned HODLer but also to a crypto newcomer. The results speak for themselves. Despite the bouts of volatility, Bitcoin is anti-fragile and anti-inflation, moving upward and upward.

This is why Bitcoin is the best gift when introducing someone to the exciting world of cryptocurrencies. And who doesn't want to say they own a part of Bitcoin? The best part about Bitcoin is that 1 Bitcoin is divisible by 100 million satoshis. You can think of satoshis as pennies and a Bitcoin as a dollar. So, you can virtually gift any amount of Bitcoin - large and tiny.

Then, watch them when that tiny gift becomes huge in a year or two.

How to Gift Bitcoin

The innovative team behind the Crypto Autopilot, OSOM.finance is on a mission to democratize the world of finance with simple and easy-to-use crypto management tools. They recently launched a feature that enables anyone to give any amount of the gift of Bitcoin.

You can purchase Bitcoin directly on their app with a credit or debit card or through a SEPA transfer from your bank account in a few simple steps:

  • Download the OSOM app
  • Pass the Identity Verification
  • Buy the BTC
  • Gift the BTC

Once the Bitcoin gifts are received, the recipient can either cash out the Bitcoin if they choose to, simply hold the Bitcoin, or deposit it into the OSOM Crypto Autopilot for a chance to increase their holdings more effectively than a simple hold strategy - the choice is theirs!

Physical Bitcoin gifts

There is also the very unique gift of physical Bitcoin. These physical representations of BTC are either a type of crypto merch representing the Bitcoin logo, or a more advanced piece of technology, that comes with a way to store your Bitcoin on them. There are also physical Bitcoin coins with a QR code of your public wallet address printed on the back of the item. The novelty and uniqueness of physical Bitcoins makes them some of the best bitcoin gifts on the market.

2. Altcoins

2. Altcoins

If you are considering a gift of crypto assets for your friend, chances are, they already have a crypto wallet of some sort. In that case, instead of a good old and reliable Bitcoin, you could gift other crypto assets. And there is plenty to choose from! ETH, DOGE, SHIB, BNB, and thousands of other cryptos with which one can diversify their portfolio could turn out to be a fantastic gift.

Just make sure that your friend's wallet is compatible with the type of crypto asset you want to send them. You wouldn't want to accidentally transfer ETH to a BSC wallet address without using any bridge or exchange.

Also remember to do your own research and select a cryptocurrency that will not plummet its price faster than you can say "Satoshi Nakamoto".

3. Books and Audiobooks on Crypto and Blockchain Technology

3. Books and Audiobooks on Crypto and Blockchain Technology

You can find dozens upon dozens of books on the subject of crypto and blockchain technology. But not all books are created equal. One of the best and earliest written books on these complex and groundbreaking ideas are The Internet of Money as well as Mastering Bitcoin, both by Andreas Antonopoulos, one of the most important voices in blockchain technology today. The Internet of Money is a comprehensive book best suited for beginners, while Mastering Bitcoin is ideal for the slightly more experienced crypto enthusiast.

Books are cool, but audiobooks are sometimes the best gift for a friend who is always on the go. You can listen to audiobooks in the car, while cooking or during a run to amplify your experience by learning something useful! To familiarize anyone with the wonderful world of cryptocurrency, give the gift of an audiobook! Check out this audiobook version of the book The Bitcoin Standard by Saifedean Ammous. It's guaranteed to get just about anyone up to speed on the technology and industry of cryptocurrency.

cryptocurrency styled clock
4. Crypto Art

4. Crypto Art

What do you get to a crypto enthusiast who already owns a bunch of Bitcoin and alts and already knows everything there is to know about crypto and blockchain technology? Crypto artwork! Many designers around the world are making unique crypto-influenced products.

As the hype of crypto continues to grow, many artists are taking note and creating some really cool art for crypto lovers and admirers alike. Expressing their ideas via various mediums such as computer program art, VR, paintings, and more, relatively unknown artists have been making a name for themselves. They attract fans from the crypto world who are willing to pay up to several million for their artwork.

Check out this super cool clock or this superbly useful poster keeping your crypto trading skills tight.

If you're looking for something on the higher-end, you can take a look at some handmade custom art like this stylish Bitcoin/Ethereum canvas.

Let's also not forget about NFTs. These digital assets are commonly associated with digital art, with many of these artworks reaching insane prices. Just like with any cryptos, remember to research the project thoroughly before buying into it.

doge meme socks
5. Crypto Fashion

5. Crypto Fashion

And what do you get the cryptocurrency fans who never stop talking about crypto? Well, something that already speaks without the need for words - fashion. Hats, t-shirts, jackets, shoes, socks and now, masks - there's swag representing the crypto world to suit anyone's style.

You can get some really cool and funky crypto merch, like these socks featuring your favorite cryptocurrency (Dogecoin, anyone?) or dreamy sweatshirts or t-shirts and more from Vancouver-based Cryptanthropy.

You can feel good about it too because proceeds from your purchase goes to charitable causes! All pieces are custom-designed by crypto artists and self-proclaimed crypto holders.

6. Crypto Stickers

6. Crypto Stickers

Want to give the gift of crypto but not quite ready to take the plunge of giving real crypto? Crypto stickers are also a great way of giving your friend the perfect introduction to the world of crypto.

Whether they're a blockchain and crypto fanatic or just a normal laptop user, let them deck out their tech, water bottle, skateboard, or anything else with these super cool crypto stickers. Stickers are the perfect way to show off your favorite crypto asset in a subtle way.

They're also the perfect complement to the real thing ;). Who doesn't want this awesome Bitcoin riding a rollercoaster, or this iconic Bitcoin logo?

trezor hardware wallet
7. Hardware Wallet

7. Hardware Wallet

A hardware wallet is a must-have for new and seasoned crypto lovers alike. A hardware crypto wallet is a tiny but high-security piece of technology that allows you to store your cryptocurrency offline in a safe and convenient way. It is safe because by using one, you can be confident that your private keys have never touched an insecure device. Furthermore, it is convenient because you can easily access your funds without needing to remember anything more than an 8-digit pin.

Always purchase hardware wallet devices directly from the manufacturer to avoid third-party tampering. The most popular and widely used hardware wallet, which also happens to be our favorite, is the Trezor One. Another widely popular crypto wallet would be the ledger nano. A great gift idea indeed!

cryptocurrency trading courses
8. A Course on Crypto

8. A Course on Crypto

No doubt, the most valuable resource one can have is knowledge. Those with a cryptocurrency vision were confident in the new technology to step in early. As a result, they are now millionaires and billionaires. However, many opportunities are emerging on a monthly basis in the world of altcoins as well, especially within Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

To bring confidence to your family members or friends, gift them a Udemy course on cryptocurrency trading. This way, they will at least know how to invest and when. In the best-case scenario, they might even quit their 9--5 jobs and go full crypto!

steel wealth fort
9. Crypto Steel Fort

9. Crypto Steel Fort

Do you have a friend who is still iffy about the digital nature of cryptocurrency? Well, once you show them how cryptocurrency can be hardened with the Crypto Steel capsule, their worries will end!

This ingenious steel shell doesn't rely on any electronics but on printable ASCII characters that are then inserted into Superman-grade capsules. Your wallet's seed phrases are then poised to outlive you and your offspring. The security of these capsules is impeccable. Not only is the capsule resistant to tremendous damage, but it is also easy to hide.

No matter what gift you decide to give, all of these are sure to delight your loved ones on any occasion. And don’t forget to treat yourself to some goods this year too if you can because, well, we've all had a couple of tough years recently.

Happy gift-giving!

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