The Only Christmas Gift That Could Keep on Giving: Bitcoin

DateDecember 07, 2020
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Mathieu Hardy
Chief Development Officer
Although Bitcoin has been around for several years, it’s taken a long time to enter the mainstream lingo. But it’s fair to say that by now, everyone has heard of Bitcoin.
From teenage actors and entrepreneurs like Elon Musk to taxi drivers in Kazakhstan, it seems that just about everyone is talking about Bitcoin. So why not be the best gift-giver this Christmas? Give the gift of Bitcoin. And with OSOM, it’s now easier than ever.

Christmas Gifts

The Evolution of the Christmas Gift

It started out as pajamas and electronics and slowly became gift cards. It’s now unacceptable for most to give gifts that aren’t actually being used. Perhaps it’s because the concept of re-gifting became so widely understood - gifting someone else something you received, and didn’t like. But no one likes their gifts going unappreciated (or alternatively, putting in the immense time to come up with the perfect gift), which is why the gift card became so popular. But there is nothing exciting or creative about the gift card. It is designated and limited to whatever offerings it is tied to....and giving cash as a gift is tacky. So what should you give?

Why BTC is the best gift

Why Bitcoin is the Best Christmas Gift You Could Give

Bitcoin is still in a nascent era of adoption. As more and more mainstream investors move into this digital currency for a number of reasons, including as a hedge against inflation in global currencies, Bitcoin’s popularity will only rise as a preferred choice of a store of value. And the best part is that it is digital unlike gold - it is aligned with the trajectory of our future.

Even the brightest minds in the world of finance have purported that traditional finance is being phased out and making way for digital finance and decentralized finance. Even governments are beginning to hoard Bitcoin. The brilliance of its incentive model also lies in the fact that there is a limited supply of Bitcoin (only 21,000,000 Bitcoin in total will be created) - which means there is no threat of inflation.

Bitcoin is the only gift that could keep on giving, as it has the potential to continue rising in value. And not only does the gift of Bitcoin contain a monetary value, but it also contains the gift of knowledge, learning, and connection to groundbreaking technology. It is the best way to show your loved ones how to tune into the future, to help usher them into a new way of seeing money. And with OSOM, you can ease them with simple and user-friendly tools.

What is OSOM?

What is OSOM?

It all began with a vision to build a platform to help anyone, regardless of technical experience, to manage their assets in an easy, transparent, safe, and convenient way. Making money is hard enough. Managing it should be easy. That’s why OSOM was born. Among OSOM’s product offerings is the Crypto Autopilot, a state-of-the-art quant trading algorithm from the world of stock trading, but applied to crypto for the first time ever. So not only can you give the gift of Bitcoin with OSOM, but the recipient can also choose to allocate their Bitcoin into the Crypto Autopilot, which gives them the opportunity to potentially multiple their Christmas gift’s value!

How to gift Bitcoin

How Much Bitcoin Can I Gift?

You can gift any amount of Bitcoin. The satoshi is the smallest unit of Bitcoin - and 1 Bitcoin contains 100 million satoshis. So you can feasibly even gift 1 satoshi if you wanted to.

How to Give the Gift of Bitcoin

Step 1. Download the OSOM app Step 2. Pass the Identity Verification Step 3. Buy BTC - you can do this easily with a SEPA transfer from your bank or by using your debit or credit card directly. Step 4. Send BTC to your lucky recipient Step 5. Become a rockstar gift-giver

Learn more about OSOM, Bitcoin, and the future on our blog or contact us directly at if you have any questions!

avatar photo
Mathieu Hardy
Chief Development Officer

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