Crypto Autopilot as a Bitcoin Suisse alternative

Are you trying to decide which tool or provider to use to invest in crypto? This page will help you do just that. Below you'll find a concise comparison between the OSOM Crypto Autopilot and Bitcoin Suisse, to help you choose a better tool for your needs.

Is Osom App a good Bitcoin Suisse alternative?

Is Osom App a good Bitcoin Suisse alternative?

Bitcoin Suisse is a cryptocurrency broker that offers professional asset management capabilities. At its core, Bitcoin Suisse serves as a standard cryptocurrency exchange. On Bitcoin Suisse users can buy, sell, trade, hold, and stake cryptos. There are over 40 digital assets available in over 400 trading pairs available for regular trading. This reliable and secure platform offers both individual and business accounts. It operates on trading fees ranging from 1.25% to 1.75%.

There are several features that make Bitcoin Suisse stand out among its competitors. Firstly, the platform is tailored toward investors with large capital. The initial deposit for individual clients stands at 100,000CHF (around 98,000EUR). For businesses, the required amount is five times larger. As such, Bitcoin Suisse offers an interesting option to perform large digital asset trading at the best prices through its prime brokerage services. Bitcoin Suisse executes trades across the most liquid exchanges in the world through algorithmic smart order routing technology. Unlike standard manual trading, the prime brokerage has way more digital assets to offer. There are over 125 cryptocurrencies in over 6000 trading pairs to choose from.

Bitcoin Suisse does not offer assisted asset management or the help of professional asset managers. So if you wish to diversify your crypto portfolio and manage digital assets with this platform, you'll have to do it yourself. What Bitcoin Suisse assists greatly with are ICOs and STOs. Companies that operate in crypto assets may want to consider this opportunity as Bitcoin Suisse has proven its expertise in this field. The company performed the initial tokenization for such projects as Tezos, Decentraland, Zilliqa, and more.

It's easy to see that Bitcoin Suisse is focused on a specific segment of the digital asset space. High-volume investors and companies are going to find a lot of great features on the platform. But at the same time, Bitcoin Suisse deters smaller investors with its high barrier to entry. As a wealth manager, it also doesn't really fill that role, as you could manage your portfolio the same way on any other cryptocurrency exchange. It does radically improve on the custody aspect, though. But if investing and diversifying digital assets is your goal, then OSOM has got you covered.

Trading bots on 3Commas are highly customizable, giving users a lot of freedom to build their trading strategy

The abundance of different trading tools unfortunately comes at the price of being overwhelming to many inexperienced traders. Not all users may understand the differences between a grid trading bot and a DCA one, as well as when and how to use them effectively. Not only that but there are also smart trading tools features and purchasable trading signals.

This is why 3Commas lets users view other crypto trading bots' settings on the platform and copy them for themselves. This option allows inexperienced users to copy the trading strategies of professional traders for themselves.

3Commas works on a subscription model and offers a lifetime free account with limited options to set up free trading bots.

Compare bots

However, they require a lot of knowledge and time to set up properly. If you're looking for something that's set up "straight from the box", the Osom Autopilot might be a better fit for you.

OSOM Robot

Because even copying the trading strategies of others is risky. If they abandon their account, get locked out, get ran over by a car or go on vacation, you might keep following a dead strategy without knowing it.

If you don’t choose to blindly follow someone, to use 3Commas effectively you will need to research what coins to take positions in, and when to stop. You will need to research trading signals and follow the 24/7/365 crypto markets closely.

With OSOM, you leave it up to the team to review the investable universe daily and the algorithm to decide what portfolio to build. If you don’t want to be trading and would rather enjoy life, OSOM might be a better alternative

FeatureOSOMBitcoin Suisse
Ease Of Use
Portfolio Managed Byrobotyourself
Portfolio Historical Track AvailableN/A
Yearly Access FeesNo, but minimum 100'000 CHF to open an account
Operating Out OfEstoniaSwitzerland
Trustpilot Rating4.13.1
Affiliate Program Available

OSOM Feature highlights

Quantitative investment portfolio

Our proprietary algorithm relies on mathematical modeling to diversify your digital asset portfolio. You’re not alone, and don’t actually need to do anything. Just follow the algo.