Crypto Autopilot as a Coinhouse alternative

Are you trying to decide which tool or provider to use to invest in crypto? This page will help you do just that. Below you'll find a concise comparison between the OSOM Crypto Autopilot and Coinhouse, to help you choose a better tool for your needs.

Is Osom App a good Coinhouse alternative?

Is Osom App a good Coinhouse alternative?

Coinhouse is a well-established cryptocurrency custody, exchange, and advice platform. It offers easy and accessible ways for investors to buy and trade crypto assets both online and in their brick-and-mortar location. It was founded by the same people who later established the best-known brand of hardware wallets - Ledger. Coinhouse offers both a free account as well as several paid-subscription options that come with extra benefits.

Instead of providing a wide selection of cryptocurrencies, Coinhouse offers a small amount of carefully selected digital assets to trade. All users are only allowed to trade between 30 different cryptocurrencies. Coinhouse is also only accessible to those users who have a SEPA zone bank account. This means that customers outside of Europe would need a European bank account in order to start using Coinhouse. The free account on Coinhouse comes with several limitations. Free users are subject to higher platform fees and can't access many of the platform's features such as asset management services. If a user wants to utilize all of Coinhouse's features, they need to get a premium plan. These plans offer lower fees, access to alerts, guides, analysis, premium customer support, and personal advisors.

There are two levels of premium plans for individual users. Coinhouse also offers business accounts for companies. The Coinhouse Asset Management is a flagship feature of the platform. Users get to choose their desired investment strategy and then entrust their digital assets to crypto trading experts. However, starting with an asset manager on Coinhouse comes with a rather hefty cost. This product is available for subscriptions starting at an annual fee of €468 but only for those who have at least €50’000 on their Coinhouse account.

Coinhouse is a tried and tested online platform, endorsed by thousands of users. But even so it has some shortcomings. Maybe you live outside of the EuroZone and can’t open a European banking account. Or maybe you're not a hardcore investor and don't have or don't want to put €50’000 to start diversifying your portfolio. Or you think that algorithms are more reliable for portfolio management than humans, or you like to see an auditable track record before you take the plunge. If those things concern you you should check what OSOM has to offer.

Trading bots on 3Commas are highly customizable, giving users a lot of freedom to build their trading strategy

The abundance of different trading tools unfortunately comes at the price of being overwhelming to many inexperienced traders. Not all users may understand the differences between a grid trading bot and a DCA one, as well as when and how to use them effectively. Not only that but there are also smart trading tools features and purchasable trading signals.

This is why 3Commas lets users view other crypto trading bots' settings on the platform and copy them for themselves. This option allows inexperienced users to copy the trading strategies of professional traders for themselves.

3Commas works on a subscription model and offers a lifetime free account with limited options to set up free trading bots.

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However, they require a lot of knowledge and time to set up properly. If you're looking for something that's set up "straight from the box", the Osom Autopilot might be a better fit for you.

OSOM Robot

Because even copying the trading strategies of others is risky. If they abandon their account, get locked out, get ran over by a car or go on vacation, you might keep following a dead strategy without knowing it.

If you don’t choose to blindly follow someone, to use 3Commas effectively you will need to research what coins to take positions in, and when to stop. You will need to research trading signals and follow the 24/7/365 crypto markets closely.

With OSOM, you leave it up to the team to review the investable universe daily and the algorithm to decide what portfolio to build. If you don’t want to be trading and would rather enjoy life, OSOM might be a better alternative

Ease Of Use
Portfolio Managed Byrobothuman
Portfolio Historical Track Available
Yearly Access FeesPremium requires min €50'000 investment and costs €468 a year
Operating Out OfEstoniaFrance
Trustpilot Rating4.14.7
Affiliate Program Available

OSOM Feature highlights

Access from anywhere

No region locking, start investing no matter where you’re banking.