Crypto Autopilot as a Shrimpy alternative

Are you trying to decide which tool to use to invest in crypto? This page will help you do just that. Below you'll find a concise comparison between the OSOM Crypto Autopilot and Shrimpy, to help you choose a better tool for your needs.

Is Osom App a good Shrimpy alternative?

Is Osom App a good Shrimpy alternative?

Shrimpy is a portfolio management tool and a social crypto trading platform. This automated trading platform is easy-to-use for those who already possess a lot of knowledge and experience in trading. This is also expressed in Shrimpy's subscription plan which doesn't offer a free testing account. Experienced crypto traders will be able to best leverage the trading tools offered by Shrimpy's crypto trading bots and formulate the best trading strategies.

Shrimpy is not just a crypto trading bot. One of the primary features of the platform is its crypto portfolio rebalancer. This portfolio management feature allows users to choose what percentage of which digital assets they want to hold as part of their trading strategy. It is also possible to copy the trading portfolio of other cryptocurrency traders. Each time your chosen "social leader" makes any change to their portfolio, Shrimpy will apply the same changes to your own trading portfolio. The social trading aspect of Shrimpy is its most unique one. Selecting leaders gives users access to their allocations and insights. Leaders are also rewarded with money for each follower they have. The Shrimpy crypto trading bot also offers DCA, and stop-loss strategies, as well as slippage control and smart order routing features.

Rebalancing is a bit risky because if one of the coins in your rebalancing strategy goes to 0, the rebalancer will sell all your other good assets to buy the dying one. You better stay on top of it to make sure that doesn’t happen. Remember LUNA.

Shrimpy’s social trading is definitely a unique feature in the field of crypto trading. However, humans are susceptible to making mistakes. Whether it is emotions, tiredness, or just being late to the action. AI on the other hand is not hampered by human limitations. So if what you want is a portfolio management tool, Osom might be a Shrimpy alternative you're looking for.

OSOM Autopilot is just like social trading, except the thing you’re following is an unwavering computer.

Trading bots on 3Commas are highly customizable, giving users a lot of freedom to build their trading strategy

The abundance of different trading tools unfortunately comes at the price of being overwhelming to many inexperienced traders. Not all users may understand the differences between a grid trading bot and a DCA one, as well as when and how to use them effectively. Not only that but there are also smart trading tools features and purchasable trading signals.

This is why 3Commas lets users view other crypto trading bots' settings on the platform and copy them for themselves. This option allows inexperienced users to copy the trading strategies of professional traders for themselves.

3Commas works on a subscription model and offers a lifetime free account with limited options to set up free trading bots.

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However, they require a lot of knowledge and time to set up properly. If you're looking for something that's set up "straight from the box", the Osom Autopilot might be a better fit for you.

OSOM Robot

Because even copying the trading strategies of others is risky. If they abandon their account, get locked out, get ran over by a car or go on vacation, you might keep following a dead strategy without knowing it.

If you don’t choose to blindly follow someone, to use 3Commas effectively you will need to research what coins to take positions in, and when to stop. You will need to research trading signals and follow the 24/7/365 crypto markets closely.

With OSOM, you leave it up to the team to review the investable universe daily and the algorithm to decide what portfolio to build. If you don’t want to be trading and would rather enjoy life, OSOM might be a better alternative

Ease Of Use
Trading Experience Required
Monitoring And Managementfully automaticsemi-automatic if configured
Performance Historyfullfull
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AI-powered investments

OSOM uses advanced quantitative strategies to analyze market price dynamics, buy promising assets and avoid negative price fluctuations.