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DateJanuary 14, 2020
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Mathieu Hardy
Chief Development Officer
Excellent for beginners, good for diversified hodlers, handy for traders.
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With the OSOM wallet, public addresses and exchange aggregator, EUR to BTC and ETH exchange in place, we decided to compare ourselves to the most popular services that cover some of the similar needs out there - Delta.App, BlockFolio, Bit4you, Bitstamp, Coinbase, and Coinomi.

OSOM was born to solve the issues faced by a virtual asset holder. We have addressed private key management to mitigate losing them or having them hacked or stolen, and created an aggregation functionality that would complement diversified activities, not replace them. And of course, on top of that, we focused on easing your transition to the virtual asset world by making it cheap, safe, and understandable - that is the OSOM Exchange.

Unique service

No other service has both a wallet and aggregator in one

The OSOM Aggregator and Wallet have features that, when combined, cannot be found anywhere else: free, cross-platform, easy to set up and secure multi-currency wallet, free aggregator supporting 16 exchanges, public addresses on the ETH and BTC networks, and allow unlimited connections, with more features coming soon. As we speak, OSOM is an easy-to-understand solution to store, send and receive, Bitcoin and Ethereum, and help you stay on top of everything else you do in crypto.

Unlimited wallet AND exchange connections

As a customer, you can connect all your wallets to our system and view their balance from there. And best of all - it’s free.

The OSOM app supports 16 different exchanges, with all the coins on those exchanges included; and we are open to more suggestions! The same as for wallet connections, exchange aggregation is free and available to everyone. While you can find some services that partially cover the exchange aggregator, no one else features this many exchanges for free - save yourself some Euros per year and have a beer on us!

Portfolio analytics

Although it is still in the works, OSOM aims to bring improved money management experience and a better understanding of how finance works in general. It’s challenging to understand your financial behavior and the dynamics of personal finance when all you see is your account balance. To become better aware of your spending, income, and growth, it is necessary to get a bigger picture, which we will offer by building portfolio analytics tools. It will take the hard work off your shoulders as you don’t need to register every action you make in a notebook or spreadsheet. We will offer comprehensive analytics with different metrics to help measure your financial performance and provide useful insights on how to optimize your budget in the future. Bear with us while we add it, and let us know through the support chat what your preferred metrics to track would be.

OSOM exchange costs less and is easy to understand

With no deposit or withdrawal fees, our fee is probably the easiest to understand fee in the market. You can save between 0.88% and 10.44% by buying through us. And you don’t have to worry about maker and taker fees and the fees for deposits or withdrawals. It is safe for trading virtual assets and gives you more freedom as you don’t have to go through numerous identification and authentication procedures to hunt the best deals across exchanges. When we say ALL-IN-ONE, we mean ALL of it (and you just wait until we add fiat functionalities, the level of convenience is going to make you downright lazy!).

We curate the offers for you, so you can use your time to do something better

There are thousands of offers out there. Some are good or very good, and some are really, really bad. It takes time to sift through all of them, and that’s time that we want to take on and give back to you - so you can quickly go from one opportunity to the next and put your money to the best use. We are currently working on the curation of the best offers for virtual assets and fiat assets out there and will bring them to you when we’re ready. But to know what’s relevant for you and not blast you with irrelevant offers, we first need you to aggregate all you have so we can hunt down the best offers tailored for you.

Ease of use

OSOM is your best option to get in and out of the virtual asset world

We crafted it so it’s easy to get started without an extensive understanding of all aspects of trading on exchanges (candlestick charts, bid and asks, etc.) and without paying commissions through the nose. We give you the freedom to easily get in, try our app, and experience virtual asset management. If you don’t like it, get out. If you haven’t converted all your savings (and we definitely don’t recommend you do that), no harm done.

Access from anywhere in the same easy-to-use way

The OSOM app is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems, and you can also use it on the web. While ease of use is hard to measure (but do give us feedback, please!), the measurable number of features and the number of fees are clearly indicating where we seek to make a difference.

Good for all

Excellent for beginners, handy for pros

We are convinced that even the most advanced users will use it as a day-to-day portfolio tracking tool, and since our exchange fee is really low when you dig into it, they might even find it advantageous to buy and sell through us. Take a look at the comparison chart and you will come to the same conclusion!

If you’re looking for an affordable, easy-to-understand, and user-friendly solution for your virtual asset trades - we have your back. OSOM is designed to help people understand money from its core and feel confident in trading money and virtual assets. No limitations, no hidden fees - only smooth and enhanced trading experience. So if you’re looking for the best service out there - OSOM is your best option.

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Mathieu Hardy
Chief Development Officer

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