One OSOM Wallet for All Your Wallets

OSOM was born to solve the issues a virtual asset holder faces. Private key management, diversified accounts, ease of use and transparent pricing.

To see how well we succeeded, we compared ourselves to some of the most popular platforms out there such as Delta.App, BlockFolio, Bit4you, Bitstamp, Coinbase, or Coinomi. As you are about to find out for yourself, OSOM is your best choice out there!

The first drawback we saw was private key management. Many people have encountered issues with securing their private keys, and a lot of virtual asset holders have lost their keys, gotten them stolen, or got hacked.

Another common issue is having accounts all over the place. You want to spread your risks and take advantage of every opportunity (who could blame you? :) ) so you trade on multiple exchanges and have multiple wallets. Many services are experimenting with an aggregator feature but often charge for each account added or additional services.

And of course, on top of that, it comes as no secret that starting out in the virtual asset world is complicated and requires at least some basic knowledge of the subject, preventing many from even trying to open their first gateway to the virtual asset world.

All these concerns inspired us to build a digital wallet and aggregator functionalities in one place. So as to ease your transition to the virtual asset world by making it safe and understandable.

To see how well we succeeded, we compared ourselves to some of the most popular platforms out there such as Delta.App, BlockFolio, Bit4you, Bitstamp, Coinbase, or Coinomi. As you are about to find out for yourself, OSOM is your best choice out there!

First, the OSOM Wallet is hyper-secure

We chose to offer each customer an individual wallet with their own keys instead of having one big wallet where we keep track of everyone’s funds (omnibus model). In our model, private keys are stored not by you but by a third party (here, us) and that makes them less susceptible to being hacked than if you did it yourself. Since each customer has its own wallet (and we don’t have 1 or 2 wallet for all customers), it also makes them less of a target as their individual wallets are much smaller, and getting a lot of crypto out of these would require hacking a lot of wallets. Most of the services we compared ourselves to either have no wallets at all, an omnibus system or let you manage your own keys.

But you still might ask why the OSOM Wallet is safer than other platforms? Our wallets are backed with a world-leading cryptographic Key Vault service provider. Each person gets their own private key, so the risk of a Osom-wide hack is substantially mitigated. You don’t have to worry about losing or forgetting your keys and thereby reducing even further the risk of losing your funds.

OSOM is a Free All-in-One Solution

Unlimited wallet connections

Here comes the strongest part of the OSOM app - the aggregator. As a customer, you can connect all your wallets to our system and see their balance them from there. And the best thing is - it’s free. While platforms like Bit4you or Bitstamp don’t even have such functionality, other service providers like Delta.App offers it for 59.99 euros a year. We believe everyone should benefit from a better experience tracking their assets in the Cryptosphere, so we just made it free.

Unlimited exchange connections

As of now, the OSOM app supports 16 different exchanges with all the coins on those exchanges, and we are open to your suggestions! The same as for wallet connections, exchange aggregation is free. The closest from the competition is BlockFolio, offering free exchange connections, but they support only 10 platforms, which can be limiting if you have many accounts on different exchanges. No one else has this many exchanges for free :)

Portfolio analytics

OSOM aims to bring improved money management experience and a better understanding of how finance works in general. You can’t fully understand it only by seeing your account balance. To be aware of your spending, income, investments, it is necessary to have a bigger picture, which we will offer by building portfolio analytics. It will take the unnecessary work off your shoulders as you don’t need to register every action you make in a notebook or spreadsheet. We will offer comprehensive analytics with different metrics to measure your financial performance and give you useful insights on how to optimize your budget in the future. Bear with us while we add it, and let us know through the support chat what your favourite metric to track would be.

Ideal for new HODLers, good for those with a diversified hodling portfolio, handy for traders

If it seems to be "just a wallet", OSOM was never thought to be "just a wallet" - with the aggregator of public addresses and exchanges, it is the most versatile virtual asset management app out there.

OSOM allows storing, sending, receiving, buying and selling Bitcoin and Ethereum assets in the most straightforward and easy way, and that’s why we needed a wallet. While at first, it seems that everybody out there supports BTC and ETH, we focused on simplicity, and those are just the biggest names in the game, so we started there. It’s all about making sure everyone can get started.

OSOM is your absolute best option to get in and out of the virtual asset world. We crafted it easy to start without an extensive understanding of all aspects of trading on exchanges (candlestick charts, bid and asks, …) and without paying commissions through the nose.. We give you the freedom to easily get in, try our app, and experience virtual asset management. You won’t lose your money on ridiculous fees, and you will get easy access to the virtual asset world and back. On top of that, our team is always there to help and assist you if you have a problem or need clarifications. You don’t get that managing your own keys :) <3

While ease of use is hard to measure, the measurable number of features and the number of fees are clearly indicating where we seek to make a difference .

OSOM Aggregator and Wallet have features that when combined, cannot be found anywhere else: free, cross-platform, easy to set up and secure Multi-currency wallet, free aggregator supporting 16 exchanges, public addresses on the Eth and BTc Blockchain and allowing unlimited connections with more features coming soon. We believe that even the most advanced users will use it as a day to day portfolio tracking tool, and since our fees are reeealy low when you really look into it, they might even find it advantageous to buy and sell through us. Take a look at the comparison chart and you will agree with us.

How OSOM Wallet and Aggregator compares to the competition
How OSOM Wallet and Aggregator compares to the competition

Ready to try and give us your feedback? Download the app, set up your profile, pass the ID verification flow, add your assets - send suggestions to [email protected] or in the support tab within the app!

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