Introducing the PLBT Autopilot

DateSeptember 14, 2020
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Mathieu Hardy
Chief Development Officer
We’re excited to introduce OSOM's latest feature updates: The PLBT Autopilot, Direct Euro Deposit, Credit and Debit Card Options and a Clean, New Interface

At OSOM, we’re always coming up with new ways to create the best possible financial management experience for you. That means exploring novel ways to help you make the most out of your crypto holdings with minimal time and effort. It also means making sure you have a fun and seamless experience too! In that spirit, we’re excited to introduce you to the latest feature updates to OSOM, which includes:

  • The PLBT Autopilot
  • Deposit Euros Directly Onto Crypto Autopilot
  • Credit and Debit Card Deposits
  • A Clean, New Interface

Introducing the PLBT Autopilot

Introducing the PLBT Autopilot

As you may already know (or perhaps don’t know), the Crypto Autopilot Beta was launched several months ago to help OSOM users multiply their BTC holdings with our powerful AI-powered trading algorithm technology. Although we are incredibly excited about this revolutionary tool, we decided to go one step further and enable those holding Polybius tokens (PLBT) to benefit from the Autopilot technology even further. We want to help make your tokens work for you by earning profits in BTC! Getting started with the PLBT Autopilot is super easy - once you hold at least 100 PLBT in your OSOM Wallet, you will see the PLBT Autopilot on your home screen. Click on it, follow the instructions and put your Polybius Tokens to work!  

How it works

Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose how many PLBT you would like to put on the PLBT Autopilot. They will be locked in for a year, and you will receive a BTC credit to serve as your PLBT Autopilot balance for the staking period. The amount of BTC provided for your PLBT will be calculated using the PLBT/BTC 30-day average price)
  2. The PLBT to BTC exchange is executed on a repurchase agreement basis, where we agree to buy back the BTC credit we provide for your PLBT. Note: you get to keep all profits made by the PLBT Autopilot (minus the 10% monthly profit fee). If the PLBT Autopilot loses money by the end of the lockup period, you will still get back 100% of your PLBT. Your BTC balance, as well as the locked PLBT balance will appear in the PLBT Autopilot, but your portfolio will only display the BTC balance.

The PLBT Autopilot is only on limited offer, and we will invite people in waves to participate with a limited number of BTC available for use during each wave. Make sure you don't miss your chance to take part and deposit your PLBT before the allocated BTC is used.  

Depositing BTC from your EUR account into the Crypto Autopilot has never been easier!

PLBT Autopilot screens
So much easier

Although many of our users are not new to the world of crypto, we're always trying to promote inclusivity and especially embrace beginners to the scene because no one should be excluded from participating in wealth accumulation. This is why we are now allowing those who do not hold Bitcoin to use the Crypto Autopilot. This is a win-win for even our most seasoned users - less steps, less time, more Autopilot action! You can now make direct bitcoin deposits from your euro balance into the Crypto Autopilot.

This means you no longer need to buy Bitcoin first to deposit into the Autopilot - all you need are your euros!

Make Direct Deposits into OSOM

Adding funds screen
Direct Deposits into OSOM

We’re also very excited to announce that we have added advanced functionalities to make deposits even easier for you. You can now use your Mastercard and Visa credit and debit cards to make direct deposits and withdrawals of funds in OSOM.

And of course, you can still use Swift and SEPA to make deposits.

A Shiny New Dashboard and User Interface

OSOM dashboard
A brand new UI

Simplicity and ease-of-use is at the heart of everything we do - it is the OSOM way. This is precisely why we decided to give our user interface a sleek new makeover to better enable quick and easy access to all of the tools you need to take control of your finances.

You can now access all of the latest information directly from the home page of your OSOM app - it is your instant gateway to the most up-to-date stories and charts (not in version 1) with direct shortcuts to Portfolio, the Autopilot and OSOM wallet. You can see your portfolio balance and fundamentals as well as view your Autopilot account balance and add new accounts. You can also directly access your OSOM wallet to view your balance and more! All of these exciting new features and much more are waiting for you in the new OSOM app. Make sure to try it out and let us know what YOU would like to see on the home page.

If you still haven’t signed up for the Crypto Autopilot, you still can! It is still available by invite-only, sign up here! There is no better time to join than now.

If you have any further questions at all, take a look at our FAQ or simply contact us directly at

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Mathieu Hardy
Chief Development Officer

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