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It’s Time To Rethink How We Think About Money

Like any resource - the more you look after your money, the more it grows. So what stops the average person from really understanding their month-to-month money flow?

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What is OSOM DeFi Earn and How does it work?

Read on to find out how to mitigate risks in DeFi , why doing it with us might be smart, how we select the assets and the places where to lend, what the performance has been like, and how you can setup recurring deposits.

Not so Frequently Asked Questions

That you should know about nonetheless. It's everything you've always wanted to know and weren't afraid to ask! We collected recurring or insightful questions about "why" and "how" from support chats, interviews, surveys and meetings and we keep an updated list to everyone can easily find what they need after they've looked at the FAQ and want to know even more.

How the Crypto Autopilot Works

The Crypto Autopilot looks at several months of past price data to build a portfolio for the medium to long term (2.5 to 5 years) with the objective of achieving stable growth - which means avoiding drawdowns. It optimises for a 4th generation risk measure - iVaR - which can roughly be described as the time it takes to recover any losses. It can choose from a list of assets we add to its investable universe. See why that strategy consistently offers better returns below.

Here's An OSOM Way To Manage Your Virtual Asset Portfolio!

Earning money is hard. Converting it into virtual assets is complicated. But managing a portfolio shouldn't be.

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Create an OSOM Crypto Gift

This step-by-step guide will walk you through the process of sending the gift of Bitcoin using the OSOM.finance app

How to Start: Crypto Autopilot Step-by-Step Guide

This step-by-step guide will walk you through the whole process of using our app, from depositing funds to getting started using the Autopilot.

Investsuite's Approach to Portfolio Construction

The human-centred, next-generation quantitative approach to constructing portfolios applied to the crypto universe. In contrast to traditional risk measures, the OSOM Crypto Autopilot captures the factors that investors actually perceive as investment risk: the frequency, the magnitude and the duration of losses.

One OSOM Wallet for All Your Wallets

No other service offers as many free functions as OSOM does ✅ Discover the best wallet for your Bitcoin and Ethereum