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It’s Time To Rethink How We Think About Money

Like any resource - the more you look after your money, the more it grows. So what stops the average person from really understanding their month-to-month money flow?

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Time in the Autopilot and Returns

The Autopilot is for medium to long term portfolios, which means 2.5 to 5 years. See the chart for an at-a-glance understanding of how time increases your chances for positive returns.

How the Crypto Autopilot Works

The Crypto Autopilot looks at several months of past price data to build a portfolio for the medium to long term (2.5 to 5 years) with the objective of achieving stable growth - which means avoiding drawdowns. It optimises for a 4th generation risk measure - iVaR - which can roughly be described as the time it takes to recover any losses. It can choose from a list of assets we add to its investable universe. See why that strategy consistently offers better returns below.

How and Why To Add Crypto To Your Portfolio of Goal-Based Strategies

Diversification has always been at the heart of effective portfolio risk management as it significantly reduces risk. Here is a look at why crypto might have a place in your portfolios.

The “Dollar-Cost Averaging” Strategy For Your Euros - Also Applicable For Crypto Now!

Dollar-cost averaging is an investment strategy which allows you to mitigate volatility by buying an asset at a regular interval. It’s the founding principle of most private pension schemes. You can set it up for the Crypto Autopilot

Understanding how to diligently take part in Decentralized Finance

Smart Contract risks, Oracle risks, Regulatory risks,... all is laid out in this 40 minute webinar so you can understand for yourself what risks you should watch out for, how to mitigate them, and what rewards you might expect.

The Only Christmas Gift That Could Keep on Giving: Bitcoin

Although Bitcoin has been around for several years, it’s taken a long time to enter the mainstream lingo. But it’s fair to say that by now, everyone has heard of Bitcoin. From teenage actors and entrepreneurs like Elon Musk to taxi drivers in Kazakhstan, it seems that just about everyone is talking about Bitcoin. So why not be the best gift-giver this Christmas? Give the gift of Bitcoin. And with OSOM, it’s now easier than ever.

Smart Crypto Portfolio Construction or Crypto Index Fund? Decide After Reading This

Crypto index funds allow you to purchase a share in a portfolio composed of different cryptocurrencies ✅ OSOM

Top 4 Crypto Trading Bots Compared by Ease of Use

To further explore the crypto bot ecosystem, we’ve picked three popular platforms to analyze alongside OSOM’s Crypto Autopilot — 3commas, Cryptohopper, and Coinrule ✅ OSOM