Here's An OSOM Way To Manage Your Virtual Asset Portfolio!

DateApril 01, 2020
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Mathieu Hardy
Chief Development Officer
Earning money is hard. Converting it into virtual assets is complicated. But managing a portfolio shouldn't be.
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Financial stability is at the core of a peaceful life. It’s necessary to have multiple backup plans to ensure you have financial freedom and can provide for yourself and your family. Whether you want to establish a comfortable retirement or buy a new home, investing is a fundamental tenet to economic well-being. Holding stocks, securities, bonds, or anything in value can help you achieve more certainty over your money.

However, in practice, it’s not as simple as it seems. This is why useful forms of assistance always come in handy. Investment portfolio management services are one of the most popular choices among novice investors today. These tools take the workload off your hands and make asset administration less stressful. We won’t talk about regular investing portfolios in this article, but we will cover virtual asset portfolio management.

It's like a traditional asset portfolio, only virtual assets instead of stocks. If you own many different virtual assets and actively trade them, virtual asset portfolio managers can be a practical choice, but they do come with a cost.

Portfolio managers handle multiple apps, find investment opportunities, and make asset management effortless. But at the same time, there's the risk of losing control over the growth of those assets at a sustainable pace. Another issue with human managers is biased decision-making, especially when it comes to more significant transactions. Human error and lack of control are things that might cause you to feel like an outsider with your very own money.

At OSOM, we wondered what could transform the sector and bring users beyond a human-led portfolio monitoring experience. We came up with robo-advising. Although this concept is nothing new, traditional portfolio managers have been using this technology for several years already - however, not that many people have considered integrating it into tokenomics.

Intelligent Portfolio

Intelligent Portfolio with a Robo-Advisor

The OSOM Robo-Advisor is an alternative to human-based virtual asset portfolio management. It’s a feature that we are developing on the app. It’ll be powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to help maintain and grow your digital assets. The software operates solely based on algorithms and data collected from your activity and targets. Robo-advisors tend to be more intuitive and let you be only as involved as you'd like to be.

The concept of robo-advisory is not new, but not many existing companies have applied it to virtual asset management. As the niche is still in its early stages and can get erratic at times, it’s useful to have someone on your side to help you out.

OSOM aspires to make life easier for virtual asset holders. We formed a partnership with an established startup InvestSuite to develop one of the first crypto robo-advisors. InvestSuite has a long history of designing digital advisor tools, but a virtual asset assistant is the first project of its kind.

How OSOM Is Different

Previous Attempts to Establish Intelligent Portfolio Management and How OSOM Is Different

Robo-advisory may be popular in the traditional asset management space, but it’s not common among virtual assets. However, there have been attempts at this, though not all attempts have gone as smooth. One unfortunate example is an international banking and asset management group known as Investec.

At the beginning of 2019, the asset management pioneer Investec had to shut its Click and Invest digital advisor service, as it couldn’t meet the market’s demands for such products. The service cost £32 million to the company for over two years. And for the rest of us, it proved that there’s a lot of room for improvement.

The problem with this and similar cases is that companies don’t digitize the whole experience, and as a result, are prone to human error. Another issue is close ties with the traditional financial system, which cuts out the advantages of robotized techniques.

We’ve seen some examples of what happens when people interfere too much with software instead of developing a helpful tool, turning it into a biased system.

At OSOM, we want to eliminate human-created errors. Our robo-advisor's goal is full digitization and dependence only on data, not personal preferences.

Manage Your Virtual Asset Portfolio with OSOM

Manage Your Virtual Asset Portfolio with OSOM

Robo-advisory is one of OSOM's most anticipated functionalities. But it would not be possible without our own exchange and digital wallet features and important partnerships with selected players in the market - all of it is happening as you read this article. What you can do today is start using the OSOM exchange (it is designed to support trades from virtual asset to virtual asset and virtual asset to fiat), the OSOM wallet, which currently supports BTC and ERC20 virtual assets for secure holding, and our all-inclusive dashboard to link all your public addresses and exchanges into one.

From painless payments to understanding money - OSOM's goal is to provide a satisfying user experience and ensure that our clients feel as confident with their virtual asset management as they do with any other financial matter.

Earning money is hard, managing it shouldn’t be. As a modern human, you've got enough things on your plate, and stressing over inefficient asset management shouldn’t be one of them. We get the struggle so we set out to combine all the features you need to feel confident about your financial well-being. No matter whether you want to find the best growth opportunities or just become more aware of your monthly spendings, we will always bring you an ultimate OSOM budgeting experience.

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Mathieu Hardy
Chief Development Officer

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